Week of 2/06/2017





·         There Are Still Some Issues with All Product Coming Out of California Again This Week. Things are Starting to Look Better, We are Hoping to Have All Product Back in 1-2 Weeks.


·         Fresh Figs are unavailable this week, Dried Figs are in Stock.

·         Rhubarb will be in stock at the end of this week

·         Egg prices have come back down after sourcing with Western Slope Co-Op, these are Heritage Cage Free Brown Eggs from Olathe, Delta, Montrose Farms

·         Fresh Cranberries are done for the season

·         Pomegranate season will be running an extra week maybe two.

·         California Blood Oranges are now in stock and will be running through June

·         Check Out New Grains, Dried Fruit and Nuts on Bid Sheet.

·         Now carrying Traditional 50yr and 80yr Italian Balsamic Vinegar.



·         Golden Organics Green Lentil 25#

   Spring Garlic available 1# - 10#


·         Rhubarb 1#-15#

·         English Peas 25-28#

·         Bergamot Oranges in stock 1# -18#

·         Jack Fruit Available (1 Day Lead)

·         POM Pomegranate Juice Now in Stock 1/2G

·         Seville Bitter Oranges Now In 1#-38#

·         Raw Chestnuts Now in Stock

·         Kumquats 1#-10#

·         Jerusalem Sunchokes 5-10#

·         Asian Pears 18ct

·         Fuyu Persimmons 12ct

·         Quince 24ct

·         Blood Oranges 18-20# Californian

·         Meyer Lemons 5-10#

·         Pomegranates – 30ct cs

·         Gooseberry 12 ct

·         Green Romano Beans 


·         Living Bibb (Brightwater Farms)
·         Red Living Bibb (Brightwater Farms)  

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