Week of 3/20/2017




·         We are Now Carrying Cal-Organic Farm Products. Please See Our Bid Sheet for a Full List

 ·         Bergamont Oranges are done for season

·         Persimmons are done for season

·         Rhubarb 1-2 Week Gap

·         We are predicting that Ramps and Fiddle Heads along with Green Strawberries will be available end of March, beginning of April.

·         Stinging Nettles and Miners Lettuce along with Blue Foot Mushrooms are available now with a pre-order.

·         Check Out New Grains, Dried Fruit, and Nuts on Bid Sheet.

·         Now carrying Traditional 50yr and 80yr Italian Balsamic Vinegar.

·         Peter is off on Saturdays Please Contact

Nathan 303-656-6177 or James 720-498-0451

·         James and Nathan are off on Wednesdays please contact Peter 720-519-5519




·         Sappa Valley Local Duck Eggs

·         #1 Morels

·         White Asparagus 11lb

·         Bolthouse Farms Carrot Juice 1.8qt

·         Meyer Lemons 5-10lb

·         Yellow Wax Bean 5-10lb

·         Pummelo 1ct-8ct (1 Day Lead)

·         Fava Beans 25/28lbcs

·         English Peas 25-28lb

·         Golden Organics Green Lentil 25lb

·         Golden Organics Black/Red Lentil 25lb

·         Green Garlic 1lb-10lb

·         Spring Onion 12ct

·         Seville Bitter Oranges 1-10-38lb

·         Blood Oranges 18-20lb Californian

·         Jack Fruit (1 Day Lead)

·         POM Pomegranate Juice Now in Stock 1/2G

·         Kumquats 1#-10#

·         Quince 24ct

·         Gooseberry 1-12 ct

·         Green Romano Beans10lb.

·         Honeycomb 11oz



·         Living Bibb (Brightwater Farms) 12ct.

·         Red Living Bibb (Brightwater Farms) 12ct.