Week of 08/24/2016

We would like to wish our beloved Lynelle and Matt the best on their adventure across the country. We will miss them dearly and are grateful for the time they spent with us.

Keep an eye out for the Wine Grape Opportunity email!

Baby Yellow Sunburst Squash are poor quality and are difficult to get. As well as Spring Onions. Heat has been killing a lot of items out West.

We are hoping to have Green Strawberries in this week.
We should have local Anaheim Peppers, Pasilla Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Red & Green Bell Peppers. Has been hit or miss due to damage in the field from hail.


Baby Corn 100ct.

OG Padron Peppers 5lb.(in on Monday)

Squash Blossoms 100ct.

Sea Beans

Finger Limes ½ pint 28-32ct.

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Lobster Mushrooms

Green Romano Beans

Yellow Romano Beans

Lemon Cucumber (Limited Availability)

Yellow Gypsy Peppers (Available Monday)

Yellow Hungarian Peppers (Available Monday)

Cherry Sungold Tomatoes 12pt (Available Monday) 



Palisade Peaches (Cox Farms)

Rocky Ford Cantaloupe

Rocky Ford Watermelons

Olathe Corn 48ct.

Yellow Squash (Rocky Mountain Fresh)

Zucchini (Rocky Mountain Fresh)

Gold Beets 25lb. (Rocco’s)

Green Cabbage (Rocco’s)

Red Cabbage (Rocco’s)

Collard Greens 24ct. (Rocco’s)

Mustard Greens 24ct. (Rocco’s)

Red Beets 25 lb. (Rocco’s)

Green Kale 24ct. (Rocco’s)

Bunched Spinach 24ct. (Rocco’s)

Living Bibb (Brightwater Farms)

Red Living Bibb (Brightwater Farms)

Beefsteak Tomatoes (Rocky Mountain Fresh)

Green Tomatoes (Rocky Mountain Fresh)

On-The-Vine Tomatoes (Rocky Mountain Fresh)

Oyster Mushrooms (Turtle Springs)