Week of 1/16/2017
There Will Be Some Issues with All Product Coming Out of California Again This Week Due to Extensive Rain and Cold… This Will Effect the Baby Whole Head Greens Mostly.  We are Sourcing Some 8# Baby Lettuce Which are Slightly Larger Than the Baby Head but the Appear to Hold up a Little Better.

Our grower from Turtle Springs Mushrooms has decided to close indefinitely due to family circumstances and will be moving out of state. We are extremely sorry for this inconvenience and are seeking a replacement for this item that will carry the same quality.

         Cranberries will be ending in 1 week
         Mountain Rose Apples are done for the season
         Rocky Mountain Fresh Local Grown Tomatoes are done for the year will be back in April
         We are now stocking High Plains Food Co-Op Local Eggs, Heritage Breed Pasteurized from Wray, CO.
         Check Out New Dried Fruit and Nuts on Bid Sheet.
         Now carrying Traditional 50yr and 80yr Italian Balsamic Vinegar.


   Jack Fruit Available (1 Day Lead)
  POM Pomegranate Juice Now in Stock 
     Seville Bitter Oranges Now In 1#-38# 
        Raw Chestnuts Now in Stock
         Coke Farm Braising Mix 3#         

Coke Farm Chicory Mix 3# 
         Kumquats 1#-5#-10#         

High Plains Co-Op Local Eggs 15dz (Pasteurized)

         High Plains Co-Op Local Eggs 1dz (Pasteurized) -

         Jerusalem Sunchokes 5-10#

         Asian Pears 18ct

         Fuyu Persimmons 22ct

         Quince 24ct

         Blood Oranges 18-20# (Australian)

         Meyer Lemons 5-10# (OG Coke Farms)

         Pomegranates – 32ct         

Gooseberry 12 ct 

         Green Romano Beans 10lb
         Honeycomb 11oz



         Living Bibb (Brightwater Farms)

         Red Living Bibb (Brightwater Farms)

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